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    Does anyone know if floorplans for many other model car will come close to welding in? Or does someone offer reproduction floorpans? I have not been able to find any. Mine rusty from the heater cores I'm sure some others here are too.
    Nicholas Thomas

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    Welcome. Please read this:

    Contact Direct Sheetmetal.
    Orderline: 1.800.992.2925
    Techline & Fax: 619.588.2925

    Bob Barger wrote:

    "I took my car over to Direct and Dave took a look. He told me I need to remove the carpet, insulation pad and seats in order for him to make a pattern from it. I'm not real keen on doing that. Keith (or anyone needing floor pans) he suggested you take clear pictures of all the rusted pans and email them to He wants to see the extent of the damage up front. His suggestion is that you cut out the bad pieces, far enough up to get to good metal, and send them to him to use as a pattern. Do not cut or send anything until you have sent pictures and he tells you to go ahead."

    Good luck.
    John Snoddy

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    I have reached a frustrating dead end on my floor pan search. I have contacted all those who have said they could make them. I even bought one which was said to be made for the 56 MKII...and it was definitely not a fit. Turns out it might have fit a standard Lincoln.
    My local fabricators who have the expertise have all quoted outrageous amounts in the multi thousands of $'s. It's not uncomplicated....imagine an acute trapezoid bucket.
    Knowing there is a market for these...I don't understand why one of the companies in this business would not have prefabricated one by now.
    Eventually, we'll pound one out and add the stiffening beads in my welder's shop for my project car. If anyone pursues the project before me....please let me know. Keith Colonna- 757-440-9544
    K Colonna
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    1959 Lincoln Capri Sport Coupe
    1989 Ford Country Squire wagon
    1998 Mark VIII
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    The market is just too small for quality fabrication. It's the same for Cadillac; the repro floor parts sold are just a piece of sheet steel with some stupid and inaccurate stiffening beads. I bought years ago a pair repair pieces for the front floor; they were expensive and so inaccurate I never used them. Finally, I did the floor myself.

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