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Thread: Two mysterious Mark II's

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    Default Two mysterious Mark II's

    In the late 60ís or early 70ís my Uncle was working at a wrecking yard 90 miles north of Las Vegas. The story he told was that some people brought in two 56 continentals one black and one white. They paid to have these two vehicles crushed but did not stick around to verify this was done. The owner of the wrecking yard took the black one and my Uncle took the white one. The white one was brought to California and stored in one of my grandparents barns where it remained covered in plastic for many years. Around 1976 my father brought it to our house. It was white with deep red interior, the seats and door panels I believe were solid deep red, the carpeting was also deep red (I called it Maroon or Burgundy). My mom says she remembers a white headliner I cannot remember. The car was in great shape 30,000 sticks in my brain for the mileage but not sure. My dad saw an ad in the back of Hemmings Motor News offering replacement titles for $35. He sent all the vehicle info and $35 and received a New York State title with that cars VIN# signed off by the Name on the title (Off course this was something hokey I am sure). My Dad registered the car in California then shortly thereafter sold it. I have no information as to VIN. My dads name was William Schmidt from Littlerock, CA and the vehicle was sold to a Dover Halsey in Rosamond, CA. This would have all been in the late 70ís maybe even 80. It was sold again to another person near there later. (This person is still alive and I am trying to locate him now) We were talking about this car and when I started researching it I found your forum and got curious about it. Now itís a mystery. Has anyone heard or found any story like this in their research?
    Bill Schmidt

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    That's a really interesting story, but I haven't heard one like it. I searched our records for anything on William Schmidt and Dover Halsey, but we have nothing on them.

    I was surprised at the number of Mark II's with Deep Red Biscuits Bolsters and Welts. The majority of those cars were gray, but there were eight white cars with the all-deep red seats. About half of those were known to have been in California.

    At this point the only thing that might help would be additional clues that you might be able to dig up.

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