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Thread: New owner of MK II

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    Default New owner of MK II

    Hi everyone,
    I recently retired and decided I needed something to do.
    So, I purchased a couple of Mk II's to restore. A 1956 and a 1957. They were in a wrecking yard, so may be listed as "scrapped". I do not have vins handy yet.
    I do have the requisite skill and patience for this project.
    I have not yet created a plan for completion, however, I am working on it.

    Basic plan is simple.
    Take apart, clean, repair each item or replace with NOS or NORS, then paint with original color(perhaps a new paint material)and reassemble. Not sure of what to label it as, restored, custom or something else?
    I do know I will be happy to see both on the road again. This is not a investment so much as just a restoration with updating for maintainablilty.

    I am a former airplane mechanic/electrician/technician with over 30 years experience repairing or building flying machines.

    The two Mark II's are part of a larger project consisting of six other vehicles I plan on restoring.

    Wish all well,

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    Ken, welcome abroad! You have certainly taken on an ambitious project. One thing is for sure, your retirement won't be boring. When you have an opportunity, be sure to provide serial numbers for both vehicles. Also, post pictures when you have a chance. We love pictures. Again, welcome!
    Howard Hanchett
    1956 Continental Mark II C5691376

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    Welcome Ken. Just imagine rolling up Chuckanut Drive or over to Deception Pass when they are complete.

    I was stationed in Oak Harbor back in the 90's and miss it out there.

    Ben Kline
    Bloomingdale, NY
    1956 Continental Mark II C56G3133
    1961 MG Midget
    1987 Corvette Convertible
    1992 BMW K75S

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    Welcome aboard Ken!

    I'm looking forward to adding your cars VINs to our History and Registry. Some pictures will be a great addition, too!

    You've made a great choice in joining the Forum, there's a lot of information here to help you in your projects.

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    2 Mark II to restore at once! As other said, you will be a busy person! Who will be finished first? Your 2 Mark II or my Mark II scale model?

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