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09-02-2017, 02:02 AM
Hello everyone,

Has anyone ever encountered a Mark II with light blue paint and dark red/white interior? Certainly not a typical selection when ordering a Mark II. Having recently seen one, i cant help but wonder how many could possibly be configured that way.

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09-04-2017, 01:03 AM
I believe there is only one like that from the factory, it should be #2059. There is little history in the forum besides being delivered to the original dealer and original owner in New Mexico. I was familiar with a very original and well preserved car with these same color combinations back in about 1974. I thought it to be an unusual and rare color combination at the time. It was owned by a collector in Ardmore, OK. His name was H. L. Stone doing business as Stone's Antique Autos. The car was supposedly a one owner car with about 98,000 miles on it at the time. Mr. Stone kept the car for a couple of years, then sold it to someone in Kansas, if I remember correctly. Even though the car had nice original paint, Mr. Stone being a perfectionist had the car repainted in the original light blue. I think Mr. Stone's car was purchased in New Mexico which would line up with #2059. I have often wondered if it would show up in the forum sometime. I believe there was one dark blue Mark II made with the dark red and white interior, but I don't remember it's number. There was a light blue 1966 or 1967 Lincoln Continental with dark red/maroon cloth interior delivered new here in Ardmore, so there are a few of them out there.

What can you tell us about the car you saw?

09-25-2017, 01:10 AM
Thanks for the reply, Rick.

The car I am referencing is, in fact, #2059. It has been in the same hands since 1968 was last used in late 80's. Engine last started in 1997. This car was purchased in from a used car dealership in Burbank, CA. No other history other than it was ordered in Clovis, NM to a Rancher/Business Man named, Hez Miles Abernathy from Lubbock, Tx. Although, oddly, the brass plaque on the floor says a different name: Ray Edwards.

It was originally Fairmont Blue, but was painted maroon at some point pre-1968. Otherwise, it seems to be quite original. I'm hopeful there will be more news to come in regard to this car.