View Full Version : “True Love” Act 2.

John Herrell
02-29-2016, 01:37 PM
Six years have passed. Both John and Connie have moved from pre-adolescent to late adolescent. All that time, John wanted a romance, but Connie (always the wiser) insisted on a (very dear, close) friendship. Oh well. Connie’s steady (well, off and on) beau was … brave, clean, reverent … you get the idea, a real life Eagle Scout. John was, shall we say, a little more on the edge. (Hey, it WAS adolescence!)

But Connie finally tires of that relationship for the last time. And she decides to pursue John. (It isn’t much of a pursuit, actually.) By now, John is off to college in Southern California. What’s a girl to do? Head there to join him (as she pursues her own education). “Going steady” for a year and a half. Engagement for a year and a half. And then, in ’65, a huge and very fancy wedding in The Burlingame Methodist Church.

Maybe this Act concludes with some elaborate collage. After all, we’ve got 50 years to cover:

John earns a BS (math) and falls into an incredible career in technology (from the ground up) in
Corporate America starting in the mid ‘60s. (That’s the way it happened back then; you fell into it.)
Connie earns a BS, an RN and a MSN and has a great career as a Nurse.
Two wonderful kids, raised primarily in “The City” (San Francisco, of course).
One incredible Son-in-law; 5 amazing Grandkids.
Not very many automobiles, all very practical, none particularly memorable. In fact, the first 33 years are served by just 3 Volvos. That’s it. The closest they come to a classic car is when their ’65 Volvo 544 (purchased new) becomes 30 years old. OK, this one was and remains memorable!
They reach retirement and decide to leave The City and move across the state to The Sierra Foothills, California’s actual Gold Country. They restore and move into a hundred-year-old Gold Mine Superintendent’s House.
Oh yeah, also in retirement they pick up the first of a few Harley-Davidson Touring Bikes and tear up pretty much all of North America and the heart of Europe (The Alps), putting on in excess of 500,000 miles.

Close the curtain.