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Shelly Harris
01-16-2015, 11:55 AM
Go to this section (http://www.markiiforum.com/payments.php) and join in.

If you are not a Sponsoring Member then know what you are missing.

Technical Forum: Over 9000 posts with repair, maintenace and historical information that is vital for you to know a Mark II.

Restoration - Restomods - Customs Forums: You can't correctly restore a Mark II without the information contained in nearly 2000 posts by people who know how to do it.

Documents Library: Hundreds of articles, technical writings,
pictures, data sheets, service manuals, bulletins all Mark II specific.

Mark II Cars Currently For Sale, Trade, or Auction

Mark II Parts Wanted and For Sale: The place to sell or find
Mark II parts.

Member's Garage: Your own forum to show off your cars.

Rate a thread; Only Sponsoring members can give a rating score on a thread

Mark II Registry and Data Base: Our Official Registry and Spreadsheets with the all vitals on all Mark IIs. Information you won't find anywhere else.

For just $1 a month Sponsoring Members can view and post into the forums that have the information, tips, and advice that you need to know about the Continental Mark II automobile.

Go to this section (http://www.markiiforum.com/payments.php) and join in.

Shelly Harris
11-15-2015, 11:55 PM
If you haven't cancelled the auto renew election with Paypal, they will automatically inform you and re-up your Sponsorship. If you have cancelled the auto renew or your charge card is no longer valid or your balance at Paypal is insufficient then Paypal will cancel your Sponsoring Membership and return you to Registered Member status. I don't do it. The system does it.

Those who want to be a Sponsor but don't like the auto renewal feature should go through the sign up process and let the initial charge get processed. Once done you can proceed to cancel the automatic renewal feature. Go to paypal and cancel it. You have to do it yourself...I can't do it for you. You log into your Paypal account, which you have full control over, and cancel the Markk II Forum auto renewal payment selection.
Again thanks for your support.