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07-02-2014, 10:06 PM
Information From Original Production Order (B)
Scheduled Completion: 7-1-55
Times Square Motors, Inc.
25 East 12th Street
Erie, Pennsylvania
Customer: None Named

1956-1975 No History Found
1976-79 John Krystowski, OH (L)
1981-84 Gerald Mitchell, OH (L)
1985-2005 Unknown
2006-2014 Bob Jursinski, Vermillion OH (L)(1)
(1) 3/17/14 Contributed by Forum Historian Pat Marshall: 1001 1st Regular Production Mark II - As I travel around I try to visit Mark IIs and their owners and their cars. This week Carla and I went to Cleveland and stopped by nearby Vermilion to see Bob Jursinski's #1001, the first regular production Mark II. Fortunately, 1001 is in good hands and is undergoing restoration.

I've quoted the above from Pat's recent entry on 1001. My question: am I missing something? Can anyone explain why the very first production car was sent to a dealership in Erie, PA? If it had been New York City or LA or Dallas or Chicago, etc., or even Philadelphia, I wouldn't have been surprised, but Erie? Given that the earliest history is incomplete, was there someone of prominence in Erie that requested the car? Was the Erie dealership somehow a standout in the Lincoln world? Just curious...

Pat Marshall
07-03-2014, 08:57 AM
It doesn't appear that 1001 being the first production Mark II was of any particular significance to Continental. Since the cars were the same in all respects I don't think that they saw any difference between the 11 Pre-Production cars and the subsequent Regular Productions.

Several of the first ones were put in Company Service. 980 went to a dealer in San Jose and 981 to one in Englewood, NJ. 983 to Buffalo, NY, 984 to Tacoma, 985 to Hempstead NY.

1002 Went to the New York District Sales Office and then they went as follows: 1003-Flushing NY, 1004-Albany NY, 1005-NYC, 1006-Johnstown, PA, 1007-Brooklyn, 1008-Bronx, 1009-Brooklyn, 1010-Brooklyn, 1011-Jersey City, 1012 Hicksville, NY, 1013-No Record, 1014-Forest Hills, NY, 1015-Rockville Centre, NY, 1016-Brooklyn, 1017-Bronx, 1018-Montclair, NJ.

It wasn't until 1019 that Mark IIs began to be sent West. 1047 was the first Export.

I think they were just trying to fill the pipelines.