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Little John and Jan
04-07-2010, 06:32 PM
Hello all,
We are Little John and Jan Engelhardt from So. Calif. We have owned an automotive interior business for 35+ years. Interior Concepts and Design. We began with restorations (Pebble Beach Concours type) and ended up in Concept and Prototype applications for the major manufacturers and design studios. Due to changes in market need, we now find ourselves returning to the restorations and custom hotrod interiors.

We are currently doing a 1956 Mark II . We need information on original interiors. Most important are the carpet (type/color) and headliner (Mohair?/color). The car is a dark blue and the interior is two-tone in two colors of aqua or turquoise. Bolsters and inserts being different. Moldings and doorpanels , seats , et al were left to pattern from. Not one shred of the headliner or carpet was left.

Are there pictures on this site that we can view? Is anyone familiar with this color combo? How about access to NOS or repro carpet and headliner?
It will take me a bit to learn the ropes of this site. Thanks so much,

Jan Engelhardt, so. cal.

04-07-2010, 09:07 PM
Jan - Welcome to the Forum. There is a code on the second line of the plate inside the front of the driver's side door that provides a code for the correct/original interior for the car. That code will tell you whether the current two-tone aqua is correct. Headliners varied according to the bolster/biscuit combination. Cars with white leather tended to have white nylon headliners; for other combinations there tended to be broadcloth in complementary colors; but various members of the Forum report a range of original headliners. The carpet was a plush wool; very difficult to replicate exactly.

However, the simple answer to all of your questions--Jack Rosen at Mark II Enterprises has replacement carpet kits and headliner materials. He's located in Antelope Valley. He can also help you interpret the interior code or post it here and one of the Forum members can tell you what the original was (although it sounds like your existing door panels, etc. can guide you on that--assuming they're original).

Pat Marshall
04-08-2010, 03:27 PM
Jan, this is my first post, too.

I suggest that anyone who is working on a Mark II, get a copy of the LCOC Authenticity Manual. It has a world of correct information that will save the restorer time and money.

What is the serial number of your car? Maybe I can help you. I also have an original sample book, to which I can refer.

The matter of the carpet is a a real toughee. A few years ago Jack Pugmire offered highly authentic carpeting but his mill source went out of business.

I have been searching for a reasonably authentic susbstitute for years and there just aren't any. True, Jack Rosen offers carpet kits, but they are not authentic. Jack and I had a discussion about that two weeks ago, and he agrees.

Some very plush residential carpeting does offer the luxurious feel of MKII carpeting, but is very stiff and has very heavy backing compared to the more flexible and workable automotive/aviation carpet bcking. The Mark II carpeting has some very complex folds and subtleties that are extremely difficult to replicate with residntial carpeting.

Also MKII carpeting had very heavy 40# jute cushioning (Padding) that helped accomplish that luxurious feeling (and road sound deadening). So whatever you put down, the more cushioning the better.

Pat Marshall

04-08-2010, 03:49 PM
More good advice from Pat.

Just to clarify, I didn't mean to imply that Jack represents his carpet kits as totally "authentic." He's always readily acknowledged that they are not wool, not the same nap height, etc. However, they are probably a reasonable alternative for most Mark II owners, especially in terms of color and visual impression, given the difficulties of finding a totally authentic replacement--what both Pat and I were suggesting in our previous posts.

Don Henschel
04-08-2010, 10:58 PM
Little John and Jan
Welcome to the forum!
Your probably way ahead of me on this for looking, but have you tried Lebaron Bonney? They advertise having " Many types of carpeting are available including square weave used in many makes, 20s to 40s; imported short pile wool Wilton-style carpeting, which was used in cars of the 30s and 50s" I Know they don't have the matelasse fabric found in these cars, thats what they told me a while back.

Shawn Newcomb
05-21-2010, 09:57 PM
Perhaps there is more leeway than most might think.

From page 292 of the Technical data book:

Care of Carpet Floor Covering (first paragraph)

"The carpeting in your car may be either wool, or part wool, velvet pile, tapestry or hair pile construction."