View Full Version : Future Mark II Owner (maybe WAAAAY in the future)

08-07-2013, 09:49 AM
My name is Ty and I live in Columbus, OH. I've always admired older cars from a distance. I don't own one. I've never worked on one. However, I saw my first Continental Mark II in person about three weeks ago and I've certainly caught the bug. I've been doing as much research on the car as possible online and stumbled upon this forum. Just joined this morning!

I'm married to an amazing woman and we have a 3-year-old daughter. I hope to own a Mark II one day but with a little one, student loans, and a mortgage, it's simply going to have to wait a long time. That's okay though. I don't mind living vicariously...for now.

I'm a web specialist for my full-time job in Columbus after working in minor league baseball for close to 10 years. After my daughter was born, working in baseball just wasn't cutting it for me so I had to give up what I loved to be a part of something I loved even more.

My loves/interests? My family, baseball, poker, and now Mark II's. Very much looking forward to learning more through this forum.


Matt Cashion
08-07-2013, 10:38 AM
Welcome-- You can learn a lot about Mark II's here and when the time is right you'll have a good knowledge of what to look for and what to be on the look out for--

08-07-2013, 12:33 PM
Welcome and good luck on your Mark II quest.

Chuck Lutz
08-07-2013, 10:03 PM
Good to have you with us. Anyone here is very willing and able to assist with any questions or technical info along with the treasures of information you'll find chronicled in the Mark II Forum. You have joined a band of like-thinking (most times) Mark II enthusiasts who share a love for the car, the myth and the legend. (Ok, that might be a bit much) Anyway... Welcome.

08-08-2013, 06:56 AM
Be forewarned
I joined in December of 2010, with absolutely no intention of buying a Mark II; and was driving home in one just 3 months later.
Good luck on your quest and enjoy this forum!

08-10-2013, 09:19 PM
Welcome. The Mark II is a certainly a car that is not seen very often. Even when it was new. By visiting this forum, you can determine the in's and out's of Mark II ownership and restoration. The forum consist of many knowledgable and friendly people. Your Mark II may be closer than you think!

Joseph Stebbins
08-10-2013, 10:39 PM
There are two basic tracks on the Mark II ownership route. One is for people who like the challenge and the fun of restoring one themselves (look at Mad Scientist's, Morgan Milstead's, Lincoln Mark's and host of others' posts who have, and are, in the process of restoring one of these cars) or if you do not have the skill (but have access to a large amount of cash to turn into a small amount of cash as it were) pay someone else to do it. The second (and many say the sanest) is to find the absolute best car you can afford and get it allowing the other fellow to have had the fun of spending the cash and or elbow grease... Either side has its merits!

I can tell you that either way you will find the car to be something wonderfully different than what most people have in the classic car realm. Working on these cars is akin to what people in the 60's did when they dragged a 30's Duisenberg or Pierce Arrow out of a barn somewhere and their buddies either thought they were crazy or were on the other side of the car pushing...

Have fun and keep us in the loop!