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Pat Marshall
09-05-2012, 07:09 AM
Carsten Bohlmann, Guadalajarah Mexico has been a Forum Member since 2010, but has made no posts. I sent him an eMail to find out more about him and his II. I received the below response and am submitting this, although a little late, as his new member introduction.

I am happy to receive your mail and sorry for not being more active in your forum or on your site.

The car is still in restoration by me.

I am German, yet living in Mexico since more than 10 years now. I work in the automotive industry and besides I have a car restoration shop here in Guadalajara. I restore mainly Mercedes of the 50s until early seventies, the German, not the Mexican way :):).

I always loved the style of the mark II and that's why I bought this car years ago.

I have started the restoration by taking the engine out, disassembled it and still waiting to get all the parts back from the mill shop. Unfortunately shortly after leaving the block etc with this shop, the union started a strike and since then I can't get my parts out of it. This is a long process but it seems that finally within the next few weeks, they will hand them out.

I will let you know once i restart.

The car is in good restoration shape.

It was quite an adventure to go all the way from Guadalajara to Texas with my truck and trailer and pull out the car where it was sitting since years.

I will try to send some pics next email if you like.

Thank you much for staying in touch with me. Take care and greetings from sunny Guadalajara,