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09-23-2009, 04:15 PM
I want to introduce myself to the forum and its members and thank Shelly for starting the forum and Barry, Nick, and all the other contributing members for providing so much great information. This forum is a really great resource for all of us--I'm really glad I found it; it's something Mark II owners have needed.

Our Mark II is C5691209 and was originally purchased by my father in October 1954, just prior to the Mark II's official debut. The car is a typical "introductory" or "early production" unit: black with no AC. It was sold by Wright Lincoln-Mercury in San Diego, California, and was the first Mark II delivered to San Diego and, I believe, one of the very first California cars. I have every bit of documentation available--the letters from Ford, all the manuals, even the canceled checks for its sale.

The car has been in our family ever since. It was my mother's daily driver until the 1990s, when she essentially stopped driving. At that point the car went into somewhat haphazard storage, including some long periods in a metal storage building. Predictably the California sun took its toll and the leather, rubber, etc. deteriorated badly. When I took possession of the car about three years ago, I began a pretty extensive restoration and have completed all the paint and body work, chrome and stainless, and the interior. All the mechanicals were redone or were already OK. The engine compartment and chassis are ongoing, but at this point the car frankly looks better than new from the outside and on the inside. We've done a couple of shows since restoration and the car has been very well received--including a first in class at a local show where it was shown by my wife; she now claims its first blue ribbon...

I do have a question for anyone that can help: everyone asks us how many were made and what number ours is? I've read all the standard stuff, including some of the threads on this forum, but am still confused. Do we start counting at 975 or 1000 or 1001 or? Is 3014 the accepted total number produced or is there a more accurate number? I realize it's not all that important ultimately, but it is a constant question at every show (second only to "did they really cost $10,000?") and I'd like to know what I'm talking about. Barry, anyone, can we all agree on a total number and sequence of production?

Mad Scientist
09-23-2009, 05:22 PM
Our Mark II is C5691209 and was originally purchased by my father --------
I have every bit of documentation available--the letters from Ford, all the manuals, even the canceled checks for its sale.

As was mine. I wonder how many MKII's are essentially one owner cars?

Barry Wolk
09-23-2009, 05:28 PM
I'm going to see if can get Lowell Domholdt to join us, if he's computer literate. There's no e-mail address for him in the Directory. It might be worth a couple of hundred bucks for a Netbook for him if he's not.

09-23-2009, 05:51 PM
Mad S - I suspect there are more Mark IIs that have been single family cars than one would anticipate. I think many of the original owners understood they were buying a "modern classic" or milestone car and treated them accordingly--passing them along to family members who, like me, coveted them in our youth. Many of the Mark II owners I've met are also part of the original owners' families--and many others bought them directly from the original family, often after having followed them as neighbors to the original owners. It seems like the chain of ownership for most remaining Mark IIs have been pretty short.

Barry - It would be great if Domholdt is willing to join the forum. I know the question is easier for you to answer--given the peculiar history of your convertible--but for the rest of us, it seems to be an illusive issue. Even the documentation from the Benson seems to contradict most other sources. And, again, thanks for all of your informative posts.

09-24-2009, 12:33 AM
Barry posted this (see link below) on the Lincoln forum some years ago. Perhaps the post may help in regards to units produced. Also Barry, may I take this opportunity to thank you for all the great contributions you have made, not only to this forum, but to the Lincoln forum as well. What you provide always makes for very interesting reading. Thanks again.


Nick DeSpirito
09-24-2009, 07:07 AM
Welcome Doc. I find the story on yours and Mad's (being one owner cars) very interesting. And that you still have the original papers and documents totally amazing!

I wish we can get Lowell here too. He's a walking encyclopedia on the Mark II and whenever I had a problem with my Mark II and needed advice, he has never failed to help me out. He has also amassed, over the years, a wealth of information and has taken surveys from us owners about the differences between our cars. I last met him at the Plymouth Meeting LCOC Eastern National Meet which our region hosted in 1994 and got to see his car which he drove to the meet from Ohio.

Barry, I'd kick in some bucks for the net book if he's willing to join us.

Shelly Harris
09-24-2009, 09:19 AM
Thanks for the kind words Doc. Please show us our car & welcome!

09-24-2009, 10:40 AM
Howard, thanks for the link to Barry's previous post on the production numbers issues--I'll assume that's the definitive answer...at least until we hear from Domholdt or others who have a different set of numbers.

Barry Wolk
09-24-2009, 10:48 AM
Lowell is a professor at an Ohio university. I found a .edu address for him. If he doesn't respond, I'll call him.