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    I have been a member since 2015 with all dues paid up to date yet I an not allowed to see parts for sale. everything I want to see ,I am told I am not allowed to view. I have for 2 years tried to get this corrected. can somebody get this note directed to the right person to get corrected.

    Donald lett
    Donald Lett

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    I have logged into the forum from your Sponsoring Member account and have found no errors. All the forums are available to your account including "parts for sale". I suggest that you log out of the forum and shut down your computer completely. Make sure that your browser program has no restrictions is accessing "". Clear the browsing data from your browser, e.g. cookies, history and cache. Log back into the forum. Check the "Remember Me" box.

    To inspect your account I had to change the password as that is info that only you know. I will email you directly with the new password which you can change to one of your liking.

    '56 Continental Mark II

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