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Thread: Newbie question about rear air intakes

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    Default Newbie question about rear air intakes

    Hello, just joined the forum. Don't yet have he of these great cars but trying to learn more about them in order to make the right purchase eventually.

    I am looking at two cars that are unrestored but good survivor level quality. But one of them has what appear to be air intakes cut out of the tops of the rear side swoops, and the other does not. What are these and were they options and what purpose do they serve?

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    The rear fender-top vents (what some Mark II folks refer to as "nostrils") were fresh air intakes for the air conditioning unit (mounted behind the rear seat in the trunk). They were used on early air-conditioned cars, but were replaced during late 1956 (there's some debate about the exact date when they were discontinued) by intakes in the front of the car behind the grill. Early cars without A/C did not have the vents.

    Some Mark II fans love the "nostrils," others not so much...

    Do a search for "nostrils" and you'll find extensive threads discussing them in all their glory.
    Pete Hoffman

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