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Thread: Transmission numbets

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    Default Transmission numbets

    Has anyone had the discussion regarding the serial numbers on the tags for the transmissions? Is there any correlation to the number on the tag and the serial number of the car? Are the transmission stamped similar to the Engine or is the tag the only number?IMG_9555.jpg
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    I would also like to ask the same question about the engine #
    Vincent Cashin

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuz vinnie View Post
    I would also like to ask the same question about the engine #
    The engine SN is stamped (not cast) in the top of the block at the back beside the distributor. There is a rough correlation to the VIN but not always exact - there are threads on the reasons. As far as I know there is no correlation to the SN on the Transmissions except for production of the transmission being earlier than the production date of the car obviously. Given that I have never seen anyone go to the trouble to numbers match transmissions on one of these cars. Now 57 model cars have a "traditional" remote cooler and lines where as the 56's have air cooling via a finned aluminum torque converter. 57 transmissions have the air intakes for the earlier air cooled units however. You could in theory put a 56 Torque converter in the 57 unit and have both I suppose.
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    Since we're on this subject, is there any correlation between the body number (on the firewall) and any other? I.e. production number, VIN, etc.
    John Snoddy

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