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    Default gold letters

    I ran into a 56 red car the other day and it had all gold plated letters front and rear and the continental hood and trunk ornament were gold plated.
    Was this a option or is it after market ? Does anyone know. Thanks Cuz Vinnie
    Vincent Cashin

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    Gold plating was not an option,at least to my knowledge,however the Continental division may have meet someones needs ,depending on whom you were .what was gold plated on all of them was the Knight head on the rear trunk lock cover,thats 24K ,the l/r front fender ebblems ,but only the star part,not sure if in fact it was real gold or just plating,the front rug Continental script nameplate was also gold,not sure about the real gold ,or plating on that one either. My guess is the owner of the 56 you saw just wanted everything gold and sent it all out.
    Dominick Toscano
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    Back in the 80's gold plating of chrome emblems was popular especially on Cadillac's. We had a machine that would have a wand like a soldering gun and it would plate with the emblems still on the car.
    Bill Reilich

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    The gold on the MKII is plating, not solid. The nameplate on the interior transmission hump is brass and on mine is simply buffed and clear may be gold plated originally.
    The reproductions on the fender emblems I've seen are plated. There is a company in Tucson Arizona called Royal plating that does a nice gold job affordably.
    I bought one of the home plating kits from Caswell's. I was unable to get anywhere near a satisfactory result, even after multiple attempts with their technical expert. They replaced chemicals and we tried several variables. In the end, they refunded my money without protest. Apparently their system works in some applications though.
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