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Thread: My gift to the Forum. The ultimate Mark II authenticity manual.

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    Default My gift to the Forum. The ultimate Mark II authenticity manual.

    My meeting with 95 year-old Beth Fordyce, office manager for sales manager Doug McClure confirmed that this 100 page document was the basis for building the Continental Mark II.

    While I'm sure I could make a few bucks selling copies of this I freely disseminate one of the most important Mark II documents, ever. Thanks to Jammes Goerke for allowing me to copy his original 1 of 47 ever produced. As often happens to me, people at car shows just walk up to us and hand us Mark II things.

    These were given to department heads, all listed on the 6th page.

    Enjoy. Find a comfortable chair and make sure you stay hydrated. There's a lot to digest.
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