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Thread: 1073 - possible buyer

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    They countered my offer, 11k will close the deal. Been sitting for some time so not exactly a driver at this point. What do you guys think, fair price? Getting in over my head? I really appreciate everyone's advice the last few days. I work in investments and I'm not afraid of taking some risk! any typical things to look for on Mark II's after sitting? Again thank you all so much. I look forward to being an active participant on the forum
    Jason Arata
    Sacramento, CA

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    I think Barry gave excellent advice in that there is no inexpensive Mark II candidate. I think you should move on if this car is not quite what you're looking for. There are nice Marks out there but no inexpensive fixes to correct issues that are not to your satisfaction or the car's road worthiness. To borrow a phrase " ask the man who owns one".
    Brian Mc Evilly

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