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    We bought Mark II C56A1832 from Joe Bonaiuto in Waldorf, Maryland.

    Along with the car, Joe provided documentation about the car, based on his own original research. He spoke with several of the previous owners. Below, we'll compare the official Mark II Forum history with Joe's documentation.

    VIN: C56A1832
    SPEC: 01-1B6K-1125-10
    PROD ORDER NO: ????
    ENG#: ???? BODY TAG NO: ????
    NAMEPLATE: ????
    Production order number: Don't know it.

    Engine number: Don't know it. Attached is a photograph that shows the area of the engine block where we expected to find the stamped serial number. Joe reported "Cleaned & painted engine to correct colors" so if there is a stamped number, it would be under that paint.

    Body tag number: Attached is a photograph showing body tag number 650.

    Nameplate: Joe says there was no nameplate when he purchased the car. He purchased and installed a replacement.

    Ownership history:

    Invoice Date: 11/26/55
    Date Shipped: 11/28/55
    New Haven Lincoln-Mercury Sales & Service, Incorporated
    84 Whalley Avenue
    New Haven, Connecticut
    Customer: G.W. Carroll
    This agrees with the invoice Joe provided. He got this copy of the invoice from Robert H. Davis. The letter from Mr Davis is on "Lincoln Continental Owners Club" letterhead, dated 19 June 1988, Nogales Arizona.

    1955-?? G.W. Carroll
    ??-3/2/65 Phil Calderazzo Newington CT (1)
    3/2/1965-10/3/70 George E. Armington Austinburg OH (1)
    10/3/1970-84 (or later) Charles W. Dickson PA (2)(L)
    1987-12 Joseph Bonaiuto Waldorf MD (3)(L)
    Joe's ownership history has a few more details. We'll start with a summary in Mark II Forum format:

    1955-1963 G.W. Carroll, New Haven CT
    1963-1965 Phil Calder, Newington CT
    1965-1970 George Armington, Austinburg OH
    1970-1984 Charles W. Dickson, Pittsburg PA
    1984-1985 [name redacted], Murrysville PA
    1985-1988 Ted Hoffman, Raleigh NC
    1988-2017 Joseph and Sherry Bonaiuto, Waldorf MD
    2017- Kathlean Cain Zinnel and Peter Hill, Minneapolis MN
    Joe's ownership history notes:

    1955-1963 Delivered to G.W. Carroll, original owner, New Haven CT. Discussion with wife said did not know husband ordered black and didn't like it when they went to pick up car. Sent back and painted blue. Traded car for new Lincoln in 1963.

    1963-1965 Phil Calder, Newington CT. Used approximately 10K miles. Traded to George Armington for 1941 Continental and cash.

    1965-1970 George Armington, Austinburg OH. LCOC information indicates he also painted car blue.

    1970-1984 Charles W. Dickson, Pittsburg PA. Bought car with 40,483 miles showing. Traded car for rare coin to a friend who sold the car a few months later. Coin was later discovered to be counterfeit.

    1984-1985 [name redacted], Murrysville PA. Never used the car. Stored it in a garage until he sold it.

    1985-1988 Ted Hoffman, Raleigh NC. Bought car at Carlisle PA. Traded to Brian Balarzs for Corvette and cash in 1988. Car now showed 44,793 miles. Never titled to Brian Balarzs who again sold it at Carlisle.

    1988-2017 Joseph and Sherry Bonaiuto, Waldorf MD. Bought car at Carlisle.

    Our ownership history notes:

    1963-1965 An online search found Calder with a Newington address, but not Calderazzo, which suggests Joe's version is correct.

    1970-1984 We have a copy of the Dickson registration for this car, dated May 1973.

    1984-1985 We redacted this owner's name since that person may still be alive, and this is a public forum.

    1985-1988 We have a copy of the Hoffman title for this car, dated October 1986.

    1988-2017 Joe's bill of sale is dated 03 May 1988; perhaps because of title issue above, it was from Hoffman to Bonaiuto. We have a copy of the Bonaiuto title for this car, dated April 1988.

    2017- Kathlean Cain Zinnel and Peter Hill, Minneapolis MN. We noticed Joe's ad in Lincoln & Continental Comments #334. Our bill of sale is dated 27 February 2017. Car now shows 48,877 miles.

    Our comments on the specification:

    So... there are two stories about how the car came to have the current specification of 02-1H6C, Deep Blue paint over Deep Blue and White leather.

    Story #1 is straightforward. The summary on the Mark II Forum is from George Armington, who reported "Black Paint stripped. Refinished in 56 Mark II dark blue in 1966. Interior was gray & white changed to blue & white. New leather & flooring covering in 1967."

    Story #2 is interesting, so we asked Joe Bonaiuto for more details. He told us that he likes to know the history of the cars he buys, so he contacted several previous owners. He said that it was obvious, looking at the patent plate, that the factory color was black. According to his notes, he called the original owner in July 1988. He asked for Mr Carroll. The lady said that she was his wife, and that Mr Carroll had passed away recently. When Joe asked Mrs Carroll about the color, she said "Damn thing, we went to pick it up, and it was black! I didn't like it." Apparently they sent it back to be repainted and reupholstered, but no details are available.

    We'll tell both stories to anyone who's willing to listen and the story about the counterfeit coin, too. Who knows, there may be more stories in this car's future.

    Joe said he thought about restoring the Mark II but never did. "I like it the way it is."

    And so do we.
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    Two documents about C56A1832, attached:

    - Letter from Robert H. Davis (2 pages) dated 19 June 1988; second page is a partial copy of the invoice for 1832.

    - Note from Joe Bonaiuto (1 page) describing some of the work he performed on 1832.

    Dropbox links to download the large scans:

    Attached Images Attached Images
    Peter Hill

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