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Thread: A visit to Klairmont Kollections in Chicago

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    Default A visit to Klairmont Kollections in Chicago

    Here are some highlights from a visit to the Klairmont automobile & memorabilia collection in Chicago, along with my dad Shelly Harris. Viewing it is a treat, as it's open exclusively for special events and private tours. The building is a stunning combination of over 300 cars and trucks, photographs, military tributes, and towering neon signs. While many collectors focus on a particular make or generation, most apparent is Mr. Klairmont's eclectic taste. These aren't trailer queens, but quality drivers. Where else will you see the Cucamonga Gas Station near Cadillacs & Hudsons? Then, you stroll by select concepts & customs. We saw everything from Ford's Tin Lizzies, Chrysler woodies, Duesys, performance, European micro cars, and racers. The list goes on and on. Enjoy the pictures, and go to for more information on this fascinating place!
    Dave Harris

    1964 Pontiac GTO
    2013 Ford Shelby GT500

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    Simply put... this car collection display is beyond awesome.. it's mind blogging. The location once housed one of the world's largest printing plants but now is home to over 300 vehicles, all super clean in superb display condition. Now close to his 90th birthday Larry Klairmont successful in real estate business has collected cars for years. Locals knew he was a collector but not till 2010 the extent of his collection as all his cars were scattered through out Chicago in various locations. With urging from his fiance he assembled the collection in the renovated Hall Printing Co. location and very recently has started to open its doors for private, charitable and corporate events.

    I can't begin to describe the collection, its quality and the magnificent manner in which it is showcased. I have visited many collections through out the USA and I don't want to disparaged other places, but this one.... the quality of the cars, the number of cars and the way they are showcased amongst tons of automoblile memorabilia makes it one of a kind. So many cars from every genre... brass era, the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's etc... race cars, bantams, woodies, foreign, etc. the collection covers everyting!

    If you are ever near Chicago I strongly suggest you check out the web site in Dave's post and if at all possible make this place a visit.

    You'll see in one of Dave's pictures that there is a restored MarkII in superb condition. Unfortunately, there is a Drive In Theater speaker stand bolted down to the floor next to the driver's door. So I was unable to open the door wide enough to get the VIN.

    '56 Continental Mark II

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