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Thread: Change You Password Now, and Regularly

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    Default Change You Password Now, and Regularly

    First and foremost, before you read on, Change your password if you haven’t already. All members should do it immediately. Particularly members with a Sponsoring Subscription. We recently were the subject of a hack attack and one of our defenses depends on members to have a strong password.

    Here is good advice on passwords.

    1. Change your passwords regularly

    Changing passwords regularly is highly recommended; preferably at least once a month. This is NOT about Mark II Forum, but in General. No matter which website or forum you join, or what type of environment you are joining. It is often the case that users do not care about changing their passwords every so often. But we guarantee that this will help to keep you safe online.

    2. Do not use the same password on every site or forum online

    Avoid using the same password for every single website/forum, software or any other types of subscriptions or registrations. If you have a problem remembering all of them, write them down and keep the document in a safe place, not in everyday public view. Security experts do not recommend writing down passwords but it’s a better option than having one password for everything. Do not save the document on your computer with an easy filename such as ‘password list’ or stick a yellow note under your laptop with your login password (and yes, people do that).

    3. When you re-use a password, then always use a different password for your email account

    Now days many users online are tempted to use the same password for all their logins. As a minimum, users should have a password for their email account separate from all their other Application Passwords etc.

    Your email address contains much of the information an intruder would need to hack your other accounts, as many web sites and services use a person’s email address as their login username. Passwords for your banking services – including sites such as PayPal – and sites where your credit card number is on file, should also be unique. If you use the same password for many sites and one is compromised, you are most vulnerable on sites where an intruder could actually steal money or order merchandise and charge it to you.

    4. Use passwords with a secure length / Or use an Online Password Generator

    A good password is at minimum seven characters long and has letters, numbers and non-alphanumeric characters, and the simpler the password is, the easier it is to crack.

    There are Plenty of Password Generators. Use one from a known Website. I recommend "Norton's Website" at Link below!


    This is a free, excellent password generator and you can also open a Norton Identity Safe to store all your passwords if you have hard time remembering your Passwords

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